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Precision Cleaning Systems Guarantee


Precision Cleaning Services agrees to perform the work specified in a professional manner, using reasonable care to obtain satisfactory results. We are limited in attaining the best results due to the condition and nature of the article(s) being cleaned. These are the conditions that are the most commonly encountered:

  1. The nature of some spots makes it impossible to restore appearance. At times a spot appears to be even more visible after a general cleaning of the material. Spotting work on pet stains, rust, liquor, cosmetics, ink, coffee, lipstick stains, filtration soil, and the like is performed at customer’s risk because spot removal is not guaranteed.
  2. Carpeting, by nature, has certain permanent characteristics (fluffing, blooming, and pile shading) that cannot be changed and may even be highlighted by cleaning.
  3. The colorfastness of fabric, leather, vinyl, or other material depends on the material and the dyes used in manufacturing. After testing such materials, we have advised the customer regarding the adverse effects that may occur after treatment.
  4. Backing, lining, and other materials and processes used in manufacturing furniture, carpeting, rug, and/or wood flooring may produce adverse results in the face material when cleaned. There is no way of determining when such results will occur.
  5. The customer will not hold Precision Cleaning Services responsible for shrinkage or color fading.
  6. Unsealed baseboard may swell when adjacent stone or tile is serviced. Precision Cleaning Services will not be held liable.
  7. The customer will not hold Precision Cleaning Services responsible for problems related to inadequate drying due to incomplete ventilation.
  8. Payment terms are due upon receipt, unless otherwise noted, and a 1.5% finance charge is assessed monthly for all balances 30 days past due.


Precision Cleaning Services will, unless otherwise noted, warranty residential cleanings for 30 days and commercial cleanings for 14 days against incomplete soil removal, damage, or returning stains.

If, before the 31st day (residential) or 15th day (commercial) since service and provided full payment has been received, Precision Cleaning Services is contacted for one of the above reasons, we reserve the right to return and attempt to repair the problem. If, after retreatment, customer is still not satisfied, return of payment is authorized, but must be requested by customer. Carpet repairs, water damage work, or other services priced hourly carry no implied guarantee. Additional fees may be necessary for these services if further work is requested.



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